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We endeavor to design our educational processes on the basis that the future of this world rests upon the overall competence, sensibility and goodness of its youth. In having to raise children of quality and purpose, to make them the kind of citizens the world needs today, we are educating them not only with instructions but also by drawing out their hidden potential with all the attention and care that they deserve.
To impart an integral education, that should be world class and comprehensive, based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture and values.
We at Aadharshila aims to enable our students to holistically develop the many hues of their individual unique personality and utilize their multiple intelligences to the fullest.
"Children are the Light & Life of the Nation & the teachers are their Guide" Learning is a delicate and a complex task, requiring a relationship of empathy, trust, sensitivity and affection between the teacher and student. A teacher plays a vital role in shaping the lives of students. An over-all development of the student is the ultimate goal of any teacher and they should be open to the queries, views, ideas & opinion of the students. A mentor is the one who recognizes the hidden potential of the students, gives them the opportunity to realize it, and then draws them towards achieving excellence.
At Aadharshila the students are the sculptor of their own fate.
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